Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sebring, Florida

Definitely epitomizing small-town red America, Sebring is a community that is idyllic in most senses, perhaps with the exceptions of population and demographics. So relaxed and slow, it even persuaded Al Capone to leave the streets of Chicago in the winter to reside here. Whatever negative influence he had, however, appears to have passed long ago, and life has gone back to normal. Alligators, sunshine, warm weather, and a considerable number of lakes account for the life of most of the locals now. Above is a picture of my house from the front. Quite nice, isn't it?

Below is a picture of my house from the back.

A look at the boathouse from the backyard.

A look at the interior of the house, where I complete most of my work.

An alligator swimming in the same area in which I had been swimming days before. Thankfully, this one is only a juvenile :^) Can you see its head?

And no description of Sebring would be complete without a picture of an amazing sunset. Beautiful!


  1. Beautiful pictures! As for the alligator vs. lily pads, well, it's a good thing you pointed out the difference . . . :)

  2. That's your house? Wow! I'm impressed. Very nice, especially the boathouse. You must like it a lot!